Money Psychology



Everyone has a money psychology. It is like a software that runs us each time we come in contact with money. It is that thing that works in our sub consciousness and faster than our mind. Interestingly, this money psychology is what separates the rich from the poor. Most people think what separates the rich from the poor is how fat the bank account is however, what truly does is this, “the rich have a different money psychology from the poor”.

A lot has been taught on The Jewish money psychology, the average jew don’t see and treat money as every other people, there is a psychology that is installed in their mind since childhood on the subject of money, more reason why they control most of the world’s resources ( it is not coincidental). For most of us, different experiences form our money psychology but irrespective of those experiences, it is up to you to drop what is not working and embrace what works for the rich.

When I made up my mind to change my finances, the first thing I attacked and changed was my money psychology. Whatever you know about money that hasn’t made you a millionaire at your current age is simply not working! You need a revamp!

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